Zen Meditation


Guided meditations for relieving stress


Stress   can cause shortness of breath or make it worse. Once you start feeling short of breath, it is common to get nervous or anxious. This can make your shortness of breath even worse. Being anxious tightens the muscles that help you breathe, and this makes you start to breathe faster/ Guided Meditations are a simple and natural way to instil inner peace and tranquillity, which helps to reduce your stressful state and help normalise your breathing.


  1. RELAX AND RECHARGE - 10 Minute Guided Time-Out For Stress (Version 2) 9:58
  2. MINDFULNESS MEDITATION - Guided 10 Minutes 9:48
  3. GUIDED MEDITATION- Stress Relief - Deep Serenity - GUIDED MEDITATION 19:17
  4. GUIDED MEDITATION - Deep Relaxation 12:06
  5. GUIDED MEDITATION - Blissful Deep Relaxation 18:36
  6. GUIDED MEDITATION - Anxiety Relief 12:28
  7. FEELING STRESSED OUT_ Here's a 10 Minute Time-Out Guided Meditation to Calm You 9:59
  8. 5 MINUTE Calming Meditation (With Guiding Voice) 5:24
  9. FALL ASLEEP in Under 10 Minutes - Guided sleep, Insomnia 10:02
  10. GUIDED MEDITATION - Anxiety Relief 12:28

Meditation has been practised in India for thousands of years because people knew that it reduces stress, calms the mind and increases inner peace. In the 1970s medical researchers at Harvard University began studying a form of meditation from India called Transcendental Meditation®. They found that during the practice of meditation the body has what they call the relaxation responsewhich gives the body deep rest that is deeper than the rest from sleep. They also found that through regular meditation that deep rest builds up in the body over time, and it is that deepening reservoir of rest that reduces stress and results in the many benefits of meditation.

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