A Letter From Charlie Faulkner


In April of this year I received a letter from Charlie Faulkner a year 6 pupil He wrote: 

I am writing to you pulmonary fibrosis trust because I recently lost my granddad to this disease so I would like to support him anyway as possible. I was only three when I lost him, I will raise lots of money. Luckily at this time in year 6 we have the opportunity to raise money for the charities we care about. I will also do this for my grandad. I understand you have been through a tough time through the pandemic with COVID-19 and you couldn’t do anything, but we knew you have been staying strong. Fingers crossed will be able to help patients at your charity and save lives . We also having a stall with different charities  including me and my friends. We asking really nicely if you could provide us with any merchandise to help raise as much money as possible for your charity

Yours sincerely Charlie Faulkner


This morning  I visited the school to present Certificates of Achievement to Charlie (left) and his friend Leo (right), who had helped him with his stall at the schools charity event. Between them they raised £69.37 for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. The children from the school’s  year 6, had supported 15 different charities and raised over £1,800, which is a remarkable achievement. 

I was deeply touch by Charlies Letter, particularly as he was aware of what impact, Pulmonary Fibrosis can have on individuals and the families. Not only this, he was aware of the effect, that the COVID-19 pandemic had had on people with PF and how they had to isolate to remain safe. I sent them Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis Pens, Wrist Bands, Badges, Booklets, Balloons and an A4PF Banner as requested.  

The picture was emailed to me, this afternoon by Mrs Fielding, who said ” Thank you for coming into see the children, it meant such a lot to them”. I also, know that their efforts will mean such a lot to people living with Pulmonary Fibrosis. It will have increased awareness of this devastating disease and how it affect peoples lives.

One thing, I am sure about, is that his Granddad would be very proud of Charlie and Leo, as is the school, and all of the members at Bolton Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group

Well Done and Thank You !


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