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My name is Ondray and I am a Holistic Therapist providing group and individual sessions in the comfort of your own home, my home or place of work. Gong
My fascination with alternative medicine began in the 1990’s when I was introduced to dowsing.  Since then, I have continued an amazing journey of learning, healing, self development and empowering others. I offer a unique, empathic approach using one or a combination of healing modalities to respond to your individual needs, lifting your spirit, rebalancing and enhancing your sense of well being.
I am based near Clitheroe and cover a 20 mile radius – outside this area can be arranged at an additional cost.

Assortment of Gongs

Range of Healing Gongs

A gong bath is the opportunity to bathe in the healing, resonant harmonics produced by a gong. Gongs embody the universal sound of the eternal OM.The overtones produced by a gong are very relaxing, healing and balancing. They work on numerous levels, including the mental. emotional, energy and spiritual bodies.


The field of Holistics is ever changing, creative and flowing. I have spent decades training in various modalities of bodywork, energy work and spiritual healing. I am particularly interested in Far Eastern techniques based on Ayurvedic and the 5 Element theories.Most of my clients just ask for an ‘Ondray’ rather than a specific treatment as generally, a session is very flexible.
I am passionate about gongs. For me, they are the most powerful, spiritual transformation tool and I am blessed to have them in my life. I have been playing for many years and working with them for my own personal journey. In 2013, I graduated as a Gong Practitioner with The College of Sound Healing (of which I am a member).
I have carried out sessional work for numerous organisations including the NHS, various drug/alcohol services and Greater Manchester Probation Service.
I hold regular group gong baths throughout Lancashire and am available for both individual and group sessions.
(((Gong))) love and cosmic vibrations,
Ondray X

Ondray offers a range of holistic therapies REFLEXOLOGY: SEA SHELL MASSAGE: REIKI: TUNING FORK THERAPY: CRYSTAL MASSAGE: SHAMANIC HEALING: EMOTIONAL RELEASE TECHNIQUE: ACCESS BARS: and many more To find out the full range of therapy that Ondray offers click here

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