Commemorative Oak Tree Planting Ceremony The Royal Bolton Hospital

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Tree Planting Bolton Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group

Friday 1st February 2019 in the grounds of the Royal Bolton Hospital an Oak Tree and Time Capsule was planted to commemorate the first anniversary of the formation of the Bolton Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group. The Oak Tree and Time capsule was awarded, to the group, by Manchester Airport as part of their 80th Anniversary of the opening of the Manchester Airport. 80 trees were awarded to schools, colleges organisations businesses who had to state why they needed a tree and what it would signify to them. In our application I wrote:

I thought the Oak Tree would be the perfect representation for our group in many appropriate and fitting ways:

  • The group being formed last year, it would be fitting tribute, both germinated and established in the same year 2018.
  • Both having the will and determination to grow in strength and become recognised.
  • The branches of the lungs being represented by the trunk and branches of the tree as represented in our logo.
  • Both supporting life and providing resources for the benefit and future of others 
  • Remembering that “from little acorns great things grow”

Knowing the tree will be around long after its present members have passed on and possibly the group. It will be a reminder that people cared and gave their time and effort to support each other, to give recognition when it was needed.

Commemorative Oak Tree & Time CapsulePlanting in the grounds of the Royal Bolton Hospital
Oak Tree and Time Capsule Planting at the Royal Bolton Hospital 1st February 2019

The Time Capsule contained: List of members of the support group, along with the groups Constitution , Aims and Objective, Copy of the Application for we submitted in our successful bid for a Greater Manchester Health and Social Partnership. Photographs of Royal Bolton Respiratory Consultants and Nursing Staff and DVD of the Royal Bolton Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme. Information from Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, The British Lung Foundation. Bolton Community and Voluntary Services. patienMPower. Recordings of Support Group Interviews Bolton FM Radio. Press cuttings of Famous Celebrities and Film Stars who died from Pulmonary Fibrosis, Keith Chegwin, TV Presenter. Marlon Brando Holliwood Film Star, Evil Knievel Famous Motorcycle Stunt performer.

Time Capsule  and Contents  helped by Buddy patientMpowers Mascot 

Breathing in and breathing out is the most natural thing in the world, unless you suffer from the devastating lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis. It gradually destroys the lungs, making breathing difficult.  Around 70,000 people in the UK have pulmonary fibrosis with half suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which has no known cause or cure.  6,000 die each year of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis – more than the better-known leukaemia. The average life expectancy from diagnosis is between 3 and 5 years.

Chairman Steve, who has spearheaded the support group in Bolton along with founding members John Latham Secretary and Ken Ruscoe, Treasurer said:

“The planting of the tree and time capsule is a fitting tribute to our patient support group and also marks our first anniversary. Knowing the tree and time capsule will be around long after its present members have passed on will be a reminder that people cared and gave their time and effort to support each other – remembering that ‘from little acorns great things grow’.

Steve Jones, Chair of Trustees for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, said:

‘’Since the charity began in 2013 we have helped grow the number of support groups across the UK from six to 67.  The support group in Bolton has proved invaluable in helping patients and carers meet each other, develop mutually supportive relationships and be informed on treatment options.  The planting of the tree and time capsule is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the group.”

Michaela Bowden, Respiratory Nurse Specialist, said:

“I’m very pleased that by having the tree and time capsule in the hospital grounds we are able to raise awareness of this disease and mark the formation of the local support group.”

Stephen Morgan-Hyland Tweeted:

Thank you for inviting Lorna & I from @ActionPFcharity to share in the wonderful @BoltonFibrosis tree planting Steve, John, Michaela, you epitomise the importance & value of #PulmonaryFibrosis support groups Central to #APF aims is providing support to the growing UK-wide network

Dr Saiyyid Raza Lead Consultant Respiratory Physician.

Thanks for organising a fantastic event.

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Bolton Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group was formed in February 2018 at the request of the Royal Bolton Hospital Interstitial Lung Disease Team and Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis the National Charity for people diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Since 2013 over 60 support groups like ours have sprung up around the UK.

The aim of the group is to provide; support and information for people diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, along with their family, friends and carers in an environment where people can learn about their condition, .A place where they can share their thoughts, fears and feelings with other with the same condition..  A place of mutual understanding, care, support and learning,. to facilitate a better quality of life.


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